Sergiu Muresan

Sergiu Muresan




Dr. Sergiu Muresan  graduated  the Faculty of Dental Medicine of “ Iuliu Hatieganu” Univesity of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj Napoca, in 2005.  He has practiced his profession in his own dental office since 2007, as well as in cooperation with some clinics from Cluj Napoca and Turda. He is qualified in dental radiological diagnosis, his private practice focusing on esthetic dentistry and especially on direct restorations (anterior and posterior). He has been an opinion leader for GC Romania since 2014. He holds several conferences on the theme of direct restorations, in the private system as well as under aegis of societies like the Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (SSER) or the Association of the Dentists with Private Practice in Romania. Dr. Muresan has published articles concerning the clinical aspect of his work in dental journals from Romania.



The direct Class III composite resin restorations allows clinicians to provide conservative treatment and a virtually imperceptible blend with adjacent tooth structures. This type of treatment remains an adequate therapeutic modality in traditional Class III lesions. It can satisfy most aesthetic demands, and it offers an affordable alternative to more invasive procedures, such as veneers and crowns.
The selection of composite masses (with different shades and opacities) represent an very important step. By utilizing an anatomic stratification (with successive layers of dentin and enamel) or a single shade “stratification”, an aesthetic result can be achieved in a relatively simple and predictable manner. Attentive use of finishing methods is necessary in order to obtain a proper morphology, a good surface quality and natural appearance of the final restoration.
This presentation brings up the steps and the techniques that the dentist has to follow in order to obtain a good esthetic integration of Class III composite restorations.