Roly Kornblit

Roly Kornblit

Prof. Dr.

President of the Italian Society of Laser in Odontostomatology


Prof. Dr. Roly Kornblit DMD DDS Ms

-Former Scientific Director of European Master Degree Program at the Sapienza University, Rome (Italy)
-Professor of Laser at the Master of Paediatric Dentistry Department of Oral Science at Sapienza University, Rome (Italy)
-Lecturer of Laser in Dentistry at The Hebrew University of Hadassah, School of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem (Israel).
-Lecturer of Laser at the University of Parma (Italy), University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Nice (France) and University of Liege (Belgium)
-Elected President of the Italian Society of Laser in Odontostomatology.
-Scientific Adviser of Light Instruments. -Author of the Textbook Laser e Odontoiatria Pediatrica, 2012 TU.E.OR Edition.
-Scientific Consultant for the Dental Tribune Journal (Italian Edition).
-Invited speaker in many International and National Dental Laser Conferences. Author of several publications on Laser in Dentistry.


The clinical applications of Er:YAG Laser for a Minimal Invasive Modern Aesthetic Dentistry

Nowadays, as the esthetic parameters of the smile have become an important issue, esthetic plays a significant role in modern dentistry. Several features as color, shape, position and teeth length must be considered when it comes to assessing whether or not a smile is harmonious. Not only the teeth play a role in an esthetic harmonious smile, but also the gums have an important role. The gums color, the smile line and the amount of gum exposure are some of the gums features to be taken in consideration.

The Er:YAG laser, applied on hard and soft tissues as the energy is absorbed by water and hydroxyapatite, can be used for the treatments and improvements of the aesthetic of a smile.

The use of Er:YAG Laser, possesses all the requirements of Minimal Invasive Dentistry, is today often the treatment of choice for prevention, caries, periodontal disease, peri-implantitis and oral surgery.

The bio stimulation effect, the tissue selective ablation, the low penetration deep, the small ablation area and the antibacterial property are only some of the Er:YAG laser properties that guarantees optimal results of hard and soft tissue Er:YAG laser high technology treatments.

The presentation will include the different clinical applications of the Litetouchâ„¢ Er-Yag Laser in esthetic dentistry and the scientific evidences that makes it the adapted modern tool for treating hard and soft oral tissues.