May 9, 2019

Dr. Angelo Putignano – Make it simple 11:30  -  13:00 Dr. Angelo Putignano – Make it simple Constanta Hall

Dr. Angelo Putignano – Make it simple

The guidelines of modern restorative dentistry are adhesion and minimum invasiveness.

Composite materials are now leading on the market as a permanent and universal restoration solution: there is no treatment planning which does not include the use of composite materials as for sealing, anterior or posterior restoration or  prosthetic crown support.

The perfect knowledge of the advantages and limits of these materials is fundamental for all dentists: a superficial approach to the use of composites may lead to failure and very long chair-work times.

Rules changed with new materials and finally we have the possibility to do difficult things in a very simple way.

“Simplexity” is the new trend .

To know composite materials, nowadays more than ever, means to understand their practical application, to choose the ideal material on the market under the mechanical and aesthetic point of view, to understand when to choose indirect rather than direct technique, to evaluate the use of composites not only in the conservative field, but also in the prosthetic one, both for provisional and permanent solutions.

All in all, it means to properly plan the patient’s treatment, focusing on the quality of its final result and the working time to reach it. With these clear indications in mind, the dilemma of  whether to use composites or ceramics is no longer an antagonistic choice but rather the two materials represent integrable solutions, a choice which can be used in harmony,  even  in the same mouth. Therefore, clinicians  now have the possibility of optimising  to the maximum the advantages which these materials bring to the profession.

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