May 9, 2019

Dr. Mauro Merli – The Facially Integrated Treatment Plan 16:30  -  17:30 Dr. Mauro Merli – The Facially Integrated Treatment Plan Constanta Hall

Dr. Mauro Merli – The Facially Integrated Treatment Plan

The esthetic aspect of the face is increasingly important  in not only how we look, but how we  interact with the outside world and in our social life. In today’s society, the assumption that  form reflects substance has never been more appropriate.

The face expresses the unique characteristics of each person, where appearance and identity blend  together revealing  “the mirror of the soul”.

The medical areas dealing with the face are varied and involve different specialists, who often perform without interacting or coordinating with each other.

Examining the face as a whole, from the different latitudes of each specialist area, allows for an assessment intended to broaden horizons, forming a comprehensive,  higher quality diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

This lecture follows a path where the union of the various specialists results in a constructive dialogue and a scientific collaboration heightening the analytical process  and the choices to be made.

Modern dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery and dermatology from different perspectives converge to examine and correct abnormalities as well as esthetic imperfections  considering the face in its entirety.

Through this process, the patient is placed at the center and is able to select the therapeutic alternatives to improve their appearance and regain their  smile and “joie de vivre”.

Session Category :  9 May  Conference